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Amber Travis-Ballinas, MBA is the company founder and managing director. She works as a consultant and coach. Amber is a former university adjunct faculty lecturer and human resources management specialist with over twenty-five years of experience across varied disciplines including business and project management, sales and marketing, employment services, and adult training & education. Amber holds a bachelor degree in business management from The University of Texas at Austin and a master degree specializing in international business management from The University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas. 




Linda Wedick, career and image consultant has been a team member since 2010. A highly experienced career and image consultant who is a life-long entrepreneur, former small business owner, award-winning real estate agent, fashion stylist, make- up artist, model, and professional performer. Linda holds degrees from both The University of Houston and Kilgore College. She brings decades of hands-on experience to her consulting practice, providing a rich store of firsthand knowledge from which to draw.




Yvonne Saldana, MBA, part-time career consultant and placement specialist has been a team member since 2016. Yvonne is a Human Resources Specialist, Recruiter, & placement specialist with a decade of experience working on both sides of the industry. Yvonne holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Public Relations from Texas State University and a Master degree in Business Administration focusing in Human Resources Management from Daniel Webster College. As a Career Services Placement Specialist in the For-profit Education Industry, she assisted, counseled, and guided students to successfully navigate the selection process and enter the workforce. As a recruiter, she recruits, selects, hires, and on-boards new employees. Yvonne is truly passionate about helping others to find the best career fit for their personal and professional needs.



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