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Amber Travis-Ballinas is the company founder and managing director. She works as a consultant and coach. Amber is a former university adjunct faculty lecturer and human resources management specialist with over twenty-five years of experience across varied disciplines including business and project management, sales and marketing, employment services, and adult training & education. Amber holds a bachelor degree in business management from The University of Texas at Austin and a master degree specializing in international business management from The University of Saint Thomas in Houston, Texas. She was trained and certified in The Charfen Method of Coaching at The Charfen Institute of Austin.




Linda Wedick, career and image consultant, has been a team member since 2010. A highly experienced career and image consultant who is a life-long entrepreneur, former small business owner, award-winning real estate agent, fashion stylist, make- up artist, model, and professional performer. Linda holds degrees from both The University of Houston and Kilgore College. She brings decades of hands-on experience to her consulting practice, providing a rich store of firsthand knowledge from which to draw.




Yvonne Saldana, part-time career consultant and placement specialist, has been a team member since 2015. Yvonne is a Human Resources Specialist, Recruiter, & placement specialist with a decade of experience working on both sides of the industry. Yvonne holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Public Relations from Texas State University and a Master degree in Business Administration focusing in Human Resources Management from Daniel Webster College. As a Career Services Placement Specialist in the For-profit Education Industry, she assisted, counseled, and guided students to successfully navigate the selection process and enter the workforce. As a recruiter, she recruits, selects, hires, and on-boards new employees. Yvonne is truly passionate about helping others to find the best career fit for their personal and professional needs.



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