Employment Placement Services

Connecting employers with top talent for their specific needs, quickly and efficiently. Career Creators acts as an outsourced human resources department for your business. Saving time, effort, and money. Reducing stress. Improving results. All direct hire placement services are performed on a flat-fee contingency basis. You pay us only when you hire one of our candidates. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each direct hire placement. We serve all types of industries and make placements at all levels of experience from entry level to executives. Serving employers specifically in the greater Lake Travis, Texas area and recruiting local candidates, whenever possible.


Why Direct Hire Placement?

Hiring is a full-time job that requires a large investment of time, effort, and energy with no guarantees of success. Career Creators will act as an outsourced Human Resources Department for your business and partner with your existing Human Resources Department to save time and money sourcing and screening qualified candidates. We take the hassle out of hiring your next great employee. There is no risk. All placement services are guaranteed.


Steps in the Process

You will receive personalized attention from a designated account representative who has carefully assessed your company’s needs, culture, and job requirements. We will even assist you with co-creating an effective job description.

Our recruiting experts conduct a specialized and targeted recruiting campaign to attract the quality and quantity of applicants that you require. We pre-screen and vet the applicants and match candidates to the job requirements and company culture. We’ll coordinate and manage the interview process, conduct the background screening, make the job offer, and negotiate the salary and benefits on your behalf. We assist with completing preliminary hiring and on-boarding paperwork, as well.


Service Overview
  • Assist With Writing Effective Job Descriptions
  • Recruit and Identify Qualified Candidates
  • Pre-screen Qualified Candidates
  • Assess Personality, Skills, and Abilities Fit
  • Skills and Software Testing, as Needed
  • Three Reference Checks Completed And Documented For Your Employee Records
  • Background Checks Available
  • I-9 Checks Available
  • Drug Screening Available
  • Education and Past Work Experience Verification Available
  • Schedule Candidate Interviews with Hiring Managers
  • Manage Interview Feedback
  • Candidate Communication
  • Make the Job Offer
  • Conduct the Salary and Benefits Negotiation
  • Completion of Preliminary Hiring Paperwork, as requested


How a Direct Placement Works
  • A one-time, flat service fee is charged for each separate position / employee / direct hire placement that is made with the hiring company.
  • The employer agrees to pay a placement fee based on the fee schedule for any candidate presented by Career Creators, who is hired within 6 months of being presented to the employer.
  • When a direct hire is made, the employee legally works for and is paid by the employer, rather than the placement agency.


Benefits of Using a Direct Hire Employment Service
  • Improved Quality of Employees
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Reduced Overall Hiring and Labor Expense
  • Minimized Downtime and Lost Productivity
  • Reduced Risk of Hiring
  • Simple, Hassle-free Process
  • Protects your Privacy and Security
  • Exceptional Customer Service


100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee Policy*

Career Creators will do everything possible to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your hiring decision. Should the newly hired employee resign without cause or be terminated with cause prior to the expiration of the service guarantee time period stated in the fee schedule, Career Creators will source, screen, and present a qualified replacement candidate for consideration within 30 business days of the notification. If no replacement candidate can be found after 30 days, Career Creators will mail a refund check for 50% of your paid service fees within 10 business days.

*Invoice must be paid within 10 business days of date of hire for 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy to be in effect.


Placement Fees 

                               Fee Schedule for Direct Hire Placements

Employee’s Annual Salary Amount Service Fee per Placement Service Guarantee
$20,000 -- $30,000 / year $500 30- Calendar Days
$30,001 -- $35,000 / year $750 30- Calendar Days
$35,001 --$40,000 / year $1000 60- Calendar Days
$40,001-- $45,000 / year $1500 60- Calendar Days
$45,001-- $55,000/ year $2000 60- Calendar Days
$55,001--$65,000/ year $2500 60- Calendar Days
$65,001-- $85,000/ year $3500 90- Calendar Days
$85,001-- $100,000/year $5000 90- Calendar Days
$100,001 + / year $8,000 180-Calendar Days

*Fees do not include cost of background checks, I-9 verifications, employment & education verification, or standard 5-panel drug screening.

           Fee Schedule for Background Screening

Type of Screening Service Fee per Screening
7 County Background Check $50.00
I-9 Verification & E- Verify $15.00
Employment Verification $50.00
Education Verification $50.00
Standard 5-Panel Drug Screen $80.00
State Driving Record $20.00

**Background screening is conducted only after a job offer is made, therefore, fees will be charged to the hiring company regardless of whether or not the candidate is hired.

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