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QuoteI wanted to give you a great big 'thank you' for posting your webinars on the UT site. My son used the techniques you spoke about & was offered a job on the spot. He is a special education student & so entered the interview process with possibly much greater trepidation than the average job applicant. He has a helper with the Texas Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services who said he did really well, despite being quite nervous! THANKS!!!Quote
- Ginger P.
QuoteCareer Creators helped me create a long-term career plan that will propel me to the next level. For years, I have been stuck and could not figure out what to do. I was just going through the motions, not truly excited about my work. Now, I feel very different and more focused. My attitude and approach have changed and I feel so much better and different than before. I am so thankful for this knowledge.Quote
- Traci P.
QuoteAmber consistently demonstrates exceptional skill in providing career consulting. She transformed my resume from blah to WOW, and coached me through a difficult relocation process resulting in new employment opportunities. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unparalleled. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone attempting to reach his or her full professional potential.Quote
- Michelle P.
QuoteAnother great update from my side, I got the opportunity with Facebook and I am joining there next week :). Thanks a ton for your help during the interviewing preparation process. Super excited about this role and looking forward to keeping in touch with you for my future career coaching needs!!!Quote
- Kaushik S.
QuoteI highly recommend the services provided by Career Creators. I was provided one-on-one career coaching regarding a difficult career transition decision that I had to make in my first legal job out of law school. Amber provided excellent advice and guidance to help me make the best decision.Quote
- Rochelle G.
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