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I utilized Career Creators when I was looking for a change in my career and required immediate assistance from a career coach to prepare for an interview with Facebook in a couple of days. Amber was extremely courteous and helpful to return my request promptly and went over and beyond to meet with me on a Saturday to help me prepare for this interview. Truly Career Creators had a great impact on my interview preparations, and I eventually got the job that I wanted with Facebook.
- Kaushik S.
I wanted to send you my gratitude for consulting with me recently and sending along your detailed call notes. It was very helpful. I will certainly be recommending your counsel to anyone whom is looking for work. 9/2016
- Michelle C.
If I stopped coaching right now and never had a coach again, I would say that the results that I have achieved over the past year or so have far outweighed the cost of the coaching program. I have learned SOOOOOOO much and grown personally and professionally. My numbers reflect this growth. I hired my first assistant and he is beginning to pay for himself. I am now spending 90% of my time performing sales activities.
- Jen H.
Amber consistently demonstrates exceptional skill in providing career consulting. She transformed my resume from blah to WOW, and coached me through a difficult relocation process resulting in new employment opportunities. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unparalleled. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone attempting to reach his or her full professional potential. 6/16
- Michelle P.
Career Creators provides excellent customized resume revision services, quality in the review and reconstruction of your work history and achievements, and value for your investment. As a professional, I have a vast background, and it was quite hard to condense, minimize and highlight my professional accomplishments. I needed advice on how to strategically reformat my resume.
- Yvonne S.
I highly recommend the services provided by Career Creators. I was recently provided one-on-one career coaching by Amber Travis-Ballinas for a difficult, career transition decision I had to make in my first legal job out of law school. 5/2015
- Rochelle G.
I was searching for a job with a state agency. The hiring process for this agency was very confusing and time-consuming. I thought that I could do it by myself, but I was wrong. I was getting nowhere fast. I did not know how to navigate through the hiring process successfully. My resume was okay, but it was not focused or well organized. Career Creators updated my resume to highlight my skills and experience and helped me prepare for the interview & negotiation process.
- Kevin B.
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