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I wanted to give you a great big 'thank you' for posting your webinars on the UT site. My son used the techniques you spoke about & was offered a job on the spot. He is a special education student & so entered the interview process with possibly much greater trepidation than the average job applicant. He has a helper with the Texas Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services who said he did really well, despite being quite nervous! THANKS!!!
- Ginger P.
I utilized Career Creators when I was looking for a change in my career and required immediate assistance from a career coach to prepare for an interview with Facebook in a couple of days. Amber was extremely courteous and helpful to return my request promptly and went over and beyond to meet with me on a Saturday to help me prepare for this interview. Truly Career Creators had a great impact on my interview preparations, and I eventually got the job that I wanted with Facebook.
- Kaushik S.
Career Creators helped me create a long-term career plan that will propel me to the next level. For years, I have been stuck and could not figure out what to do. I was just going through the motions, not truly excited about my work. Now, I feel very different and more focused. My attitude and approach have changed and I feel so much better and different than before. I am so thankful for this knowledge.
- Traci P.
“I took everything that we discussed last year (in our coaching sessions) and hired an assistant and a buyers’ agent. We did $12.5 million in 2016, which was awesome! Then, at the end of the year, I hired another assistant and another buyers’ agent. We are looking to clear $25 million this year! :-) I have to thank you for all of your help.” -- Realtor
- Chris N.
Amber consistently demonstrates exceptional skill in providing career consulting. She transformed my resume from blah to WOW, and coached me through a difficult relocation process resulting in new employment opportunities. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unparalleled. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone attempting to reach his or her full professional potential. 6/16
- Michelle P.
Amber, thank you so much for your assistance with updating my resume. I sent it to the person helping me prepare my REO application, and she was VERY impressed with my resume. She said that the new resume “…looked very professional.” It is much better than the older version. - Realtor
- Cecily T.
I highly recommend the services provided by Career Creators. I was recently provided one-on-one career coaching by Amber Travis-Ballinas for a difficult, career transition decision I had to make in my first legal job out of law school. 5/2015
- Rochelle G.
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