Job Search Strategy -- The job “Fisherman" versus The job "Hunter"

Created On: 18 July, 2017 Created By: Amber Travis-Ballinas, Career Coach

It’s a process. The selection process is the system that employers use to choose candidates who have relevant qualifications, match the job requirements, and fit into the culture of the organization to fill existing or projected job openings. When navigating the selection process, the candidate must focus on searching for a position within an organization where they truly ‘fit’ into the culture and ‘match’ approximately 90% of the job requirements.


Utilize varied methods simultaneously. The Job search process is a systematic process used by potential employees to source and apply for existing and future employment opportunities. The goal of the job search is obvious---to maximize the probability of securing the best position in the allotted period of time. The strategy is not so obvious. This is where most job searchers make their biggest mistake. They put 'all of their eggs into one basket’ and focus on only one or two methods or tactics when they should be using many varied methods simultaneously to improve the odds of success.


The formula for success. The formula for job search success is having the right perspective and being action oriented. First, the candidate must realize that the job search process is a systematic process—it requires a well thought out strategy and plan of action, patience, commitment, and persistence. Done correctly--It is a time consuming process.


It’s a full-time job. The job search process is a job in and of itself. A serious job seeker should spend a minimum of 3 hours per day actively searching for a job. And, really…the job search should not be a knee-jerk panic reaction rather it should be a constant and continuous ongoing activity, so you are always ready to find a new job quickly and easily.


To be most effective; go “job fishing” Most job seekers refer to the job search process as ‘Job Hunting’. When a candidate is a ‘job hunter’ what they usually do is behave like a hunter --choosing one location, one type of type of bait, & one weapon. They hunt for one type of prey at a time. The hunter hides, sits silent, and waits for the prey to come within range of them.  This strategy limits potential opportunities. But, from the other perspective—behaving like a fisherman–the candidate improves their probability of securing the perfect position for themselves.


Be a JOB FISHERMAN rather than a JOB HUNTER. Set your traps, cast a wide net, throw out many fishing poles at once and utilize different types of bait or lures, so you can catch all different types and sizes of fish. Keep moving until you get some ‘bites’, and...only keep the big ones.

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