The Networking Recon Mission

Created On: 28 June, 2016 Created By: Amber Travis-Ballinas, Career Coach

The Networking Recon Mission  The word “reconnaissance” is a military term that describes the preliminary surveying, research, and observation of a region to locate and ascertain strategic features of a specific target. These intelligence-gathering activities are conducted in advance and undercover. The critical information discovered during the ‘recon mission’ allows the military to be prepared and more likely to achieve their objectives.


When preparing to attend a networking event or meeting use the same strategy to conduct a “networking recon mission”.The goal of the mission is to obtain valuable intelligence about the activities, resources, and strategic features of existing or potential target contacts.


The critical information discovered will help you prepare for networking, and you will be more likely to successfully achieve your objectives.The information that is gathered during this “recon mission” is used to craft the message that you want to convey about yourself and to plan a strategy to meet and develop mutually beneficial relationships with target contacts.



What You Need To Know:

  • Landscape--The names of the group, organization, members, speakers, sponsors, employers, host, and attendees.
  • Target Contacts--Who will be in attendance that would be important for you to meet?
  • Socio-Political Environment--Current events and topics relevant to your industry or specialization.
  • Common Ground--What commonalities do you have with other attendees / target contacts?

Where and How to Gather Intelligence:

  • Locate the Schedule of Events, Program, or Agenda, in advance, to learn who will be Speaking, Hosting, Sponsoring, & Attending the event or meeting. If unable to gather this info prior to the event or meeting, arrive early to gather as much intelligence as possible.
  • Conduct a search with the name of the group, organization, members, speakers, sponsors, employers, host, or attendees in quotations.
  • Search for contacts on Be sure to view profiles in ‘anonymous’ mode.
  • View company websites in the “About Us” and “Meet the Team” sections.
  • Research the local “Business Journal” for relevant information about organizations, contacts, and companies.
  • Ask existing contacts for any ‘insider information’ that they may know about contacts you wish to meet.
  • Visit the location of the event or meeting.

How to Use the Data:

  • Record and study all relevant information that you have discovered.
  • Predetermine what value or assistance you could offer to target contacts.
  • Target your conversations based on the information you have discovered.

Success! Knowing about your target contacts and what you have in common allows you to create instantaneous connections and develop mutually beneficial relationships at every networking opportunity.

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